Little Bare Big Bear
Little Bare Big Bear
Little Jon - voc, g
Andy Bare - g, voc
Big Andy - b
Richie Bear - dr
Little Man
b/w Dr. Morgan's Panacea
7'' / No CD

Four ex-teenagers whose former bands have met over the previous ten years in a variety of London clubs and English seaside towns, bashing out authentic vintage garage and psychedelia until their hands bled and their Cuban heel boots stank. Flash forward to 1999 and the same four lads find themselves living in the same corner of old London town, drinking in the same hostelries and still fired up about the twisted sounds of the 60īs. Jon īmojoī Mills, Rich Walker, Andy Cornick (the meat and two veg of The Nuthins) are putting together a new group to indulge their lysergic guitar rock ambitions. Other Andy Morten (the spuds of The Nerve and now also in the Bronco Bullfrog) trades his drum kit for a Fender Telecaster and tags along for the ride. This dubious chemical equation creates a deleriously wild and deliciously loud blend of freaked-out fuzz-drenched beer-fuelled rock not heard since the heady days when Status Quo used phasing and Iggy Pop was the drummer in a garage band. They are christened Little Bare Big Bear after incorrectly identifying a well-known star constellation. Immediately, tales of this mythical new act begin circulating. Even a lone live show at North Londonīs Dirty Water Club canīt convince some speculators that this group actually exists outside the imaginations of itīs members. A deranged afternoon in Londonīs fabled Toe Rag Studio under the auspices of side-parted sound wizard Liam Watson results in the successful recording of "Little Man" - think SF Sorrow era Pretty Things meet The Open Mind - and "Dr Morganīs Panacea" - whacky '68 styled UK psych-pop with a nervous edge - , two self-penned mini-epics which distill the frantic energy of the groupīs live act into eight minutes and the first of what should be many great double-headed singles from īthe most exciting new psychedelic rock act in the worldī (it says here).