Dixie Witch
Dixie Witch
US/Denton, Tx.
Clayton Mills - g
Trinidad Leal - dr, vox
Curt Christensen - b, vox
Into the Sun
Brainticket / Swamp Room
LP ? / CD

Truth in music is one of the most addictive things in the world. When you feel it in a band and their songs, you absolutely can´t get enough. Get ready for the latest injection of musical truthInto The Sun by Dixie Witch. The general sound and vibe of this album is very similar to that of Spirit Caravan. Listening to Into The Sun is a very uplifting journey, seemingly about unity and perseverance. However, although there are some serious Wino-isms to this, these guys have their fingers on the pulse of the R*A*W*K. It belies their Texas roots and gives the music an edge that is distinctly Southern. Individually, every member of the band holds up their end of the bargain. Clayton Mills shines, laying down slab after slab of groove heavy riffs, on top of some truly paint-peeling lead work. Curt Christenson brings a solid, anchoring bottom-end, while also providing the occasional gritty vocal. That brings us to Trinidad Leal, drummer and primary lead vocalist. This guy is probably the best drummer in the genre. It´s even more amazing when you consider he is wailing some of the most powerful, soulful vocals you´ll ever hear, simultaneously. You´ve definitely got to catch these guys live to nappreciate what a beast they truly are. Into The Sun provides you with a good representation of what Dixie Witch is all about, though. Positive energy, great chemistry, and solid songwriting make this an all-around winner. God bless Texas. PO Box 122`48, Arlington, TX 76012, USA; www.brainticket.com (by Dan Rowe)