Phineas Gage
Phineas Gage
Camera Obscura
No Vinyl / CD

The music is filled with such a magic feeling. One moment the room is filled with such touching emotion that creates wonder. While another sweep of the disc is filled with freedom and life. The strings of the guitar are played with such passion and hit the most inner portion of your heart. The voices call for your attention and only ask for you to truly listen. This emotion is created and so many questions are asked. This duo not only is a touch of reality, but a taste of pure bliss.

This is a CD that I´ve been listening to more and more lately, and it seems to get better and better with repeated listens. These boys have a wonderful sense of melody, and don´t attempt to hide it beneath too many flashy ´experimental´ noises- they just write and play great songs. Insect Stars, Fall all around me, and The side are some of the best songs to slide thru my stereo in years. I´ve heard that this band has since changed their name to ´raining on vivian st´ (great shoegazer name, that!), and are recording new albums as I write this. I hope so. These boys might be buried in the underground right now, but let me be the first to predict their imminent leap to the mainstream. If this band does things right, they´ll end up there.

Phineas Gage´s ´Reconsidered´ is a Lo-Fi masterwork. Obviously recorded on a tiny or absent budget, the album nonetheless pleases the listener with sturdy yet fragile melodies. Reminds one of the ´meddle´ Floyd era, but without all the sound effects and long guitar solos. A beautiful, haunting, and unfortunately overlooked record.

Phineas Gage is a young duo from Denver. They don´t do the usual punk and garage stuff, but spin a web of fragile tunes. This record is more quite and very relaxed. Not boring at all, but dreamy, a fairy tune and sometimes a bit eery, when the tones crawl into your ears and inspect your subcontiousness. But that was what we wanted! Anyway, with "Some cheap christ" that´s what we get. Patrick Porter and Josh Wambeke are not only both guitarists and play bass, they also sing (together). Maybe that makes this record so harmonious. Porter has mixed some very fine tracks out of the stuff they recorded during 1998/1999 in some basements.