Hill, Tony
Hill, Tony
UK/Walthamstow, London
Tony Hill
Pete Pavli
Ade Shaw
Andy Ward
Matt Kelly
Nick Saloman
LP ? / CD

Woronzow says: Tony´s CD is his first ever solo effort. I´m sure you know that he was the guitarist with, among others, The Misunderstood and High Tide. It´s full of great songs, all brand new, written specially for this project. His singing is wonderful, and his guitar playing is totally unique.
He was a little less sure of his ability to write songs again, but before long he´d amassed a really wonderful selection of brand new archetypical material. Basically, it sounded like he was picking up where the second High Tide album ended. We then called up original High Tide bassist Pete Pavli, who came down from his nest in West Wales and played on three tracks. Ace violinist, Matt Kelly contributed some searing violin passages, while Andy Ward laid down rock solid drums. Ade supplied bass to the tracks Pete didn´t play on, and I added occasional keyboards and guitar. The sessions went superbly well, Tony was in fine form both vocally and (instru)mentally. The result is ´ Inexactness´ , his first ever solo album, and first appearance on record for well over a decade. I can honestly say that for all concerned it´s a dream come true. We reckon it´s a work of rare genius, and we´ re pretty sure you will too. Inexactness is simply Tony doing what Tony does best, singing great songs and playing killing guitar. Forget those spurious out-takes and rehearsal albums with added drum machine that were put together in the eighties. This is the logical successor to the High Tide legacy. The unique and unmistakable sound of Tony Hill flying high once again. And not before time!