UK/Bude - Cornwall
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MSPO, Bellevue, Dube
Cornwall, UK
Live at the Opera
self released
LP ? / CD

Great band and their music has now been made available through the same record company that I am with, namely Stone Island Records. Hopefully a new album soon from them.

Wow. Saw these guys last night at Mojo in Copenhagen (6/8/05) and bought the record. Claus sure is a Great Dane :-)

I had the pleasure of seeing the band live for the third time on Friday night. After not seeing them for about three years I was not disappointed. Ian and Claus were everything my memory recolected and more. The new drummer wasn´t bad either. All in all, the music was,as usual, excellent. Please keep it up lads. I just hope one day that someone with some clout in the music industry gets you some decent promotion and much larger venues to tour. Many Thanks. T bag. p.s. Since the gig, Claus has inspired me to pick up my guitar so much so that I´ve had a few neighbours asking me to turn my amp down and two to turn it up.

ELEKTRUM WORLD DOMINATION TOUR The year 2003 looks set to be a very busy one for Elektrum, the affable rock trio from Cornwall. Apart from a few selected dates in the UK, the band are concentrating their efforts on two major festivals and a Scandinavian tour, as well as recording a new album in conjunction with Russian Maestro the highly respected Artemiy Artemiev. I caught up with the group recently when they played the London Inn in the sleepy Devon village of Braunton. In my opinion Elektrum are the best live act in the South West of England but I was interested to see how they would go down with an audience who had just come out for the odd beer or two, and how recently acquired drummer John Bluett would fit in to the band. The band compose all the music themselves, and all the classics were included in their set, they opened up with Jungle Juice which entails a slow introduction by guitarist Claus Bohling. This bewildered the audience a bit, as they had obviously not heard anything like this before, but as soon as Ian Macdonald added his bass lines and John the drums, they were hooked. What we were treated to was the bands usual high quality set, Elektrum are all excellent musicians in their own right. Ian was in tremendous form with some superb bass lines during his solo with the bands Stone fish, and Claus was at his dextrous best during Hinterland, my favourite Elektrum track The highlight of Electrums´ set always seems to be the ethnic drumming where Claus and Ian swap their guitars for djembe´s (a tricky type of drum) and come out in to the audience. This always goes down well, and this gig was no exception, the punters were immediately on their feet dancing as the group demonstrated another string in their bow with the superb Elektrum (the track not the group) Claus and Ian treating us to a superb drumming display, whilst John kept exceptional time on the conventional drum kit. That was until a young lady thought it would be a good idea to sit on his lap! To some up, this was another stunning performance by Elektrum, which enthralled the audience to say the least. John Bluett, who I have always liked, since his early days of Red Fruit Daze fits in to the band perfectly and is a real asset. As usual, everyone was completely stunned by the performance of Elektrum, and as they say in Claus´s native Denmark The best live band you will ever see; probably! Quotes: Craig (Landlord) Absolutely brilliant, a definite re-booking Abbi: (singer with girl trio Ain´t Misbehavin´) Stunning, what a fantastic live band, I wish I could sing with them. Sue and Bluey: (Visitors from Australia) It is unbelievable that you can see a band of this calibre in a pub Festival info: Elektrum are playing the Midfyns festival on the island of Fyn in Denmark in June. I do not have any more details at present. July/August: The band are playing a huge festival in St. Petersburg in Russia called First Russian international of electronic, electroacoustic, experimental & avant-garde music electroshock The line up is far too extensive to mention here, I suggest you visit Artemiy Artemiev´s superb website at www.electroshock.ru for more details. Website: The new Elektrum site is currently under construction Discography: Live at the opera (ele2002) a brilliant live album recorded in Denmark. For all enquiries about the band please contact me. Trevor Knightmith. Email: knightsmith@totalise.co.uk