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Bubble Puppy
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my uncle was in Bubble Puppy, (Todd Potter) and my dad and other uncle (Travis and Jerry Potter) were the founders of Lone Star Sound, their origional sound eningeers. I know their music, but I had no idea that they were as famous as they are. Did you know that they're in the Rock Nī Roll Hall of Fame? I didnīt. Itīs nice to see them recognised. Thank you. -Kacee

Along with the 13th Floor Elevators, Bubble Puppy was at the forefront of underground music in Texas. Bands from that era were eager to experiment with sound and techinque. While Puppy didnīt get the recognition or the money they deserved, they continued to play music because of their love for it and management took full advantage.Any collection of 60īs music is not complete without "A Gathering of Promises."

Yes it is sixties music, late sixties(68-69) I know this because I bought the 45 rpm record, when it first came out. Yes I still have it, and itīs mint, only played it maybe 6 times. I liked it because of the sound, especially the intro guitar licks. I did notice that the list is missing so many other groups & bands. Electric Prunes, Ultimate Spinach, Electric Flag, People, United States Of America, Rotary Connection, and so much more. Thanks !