Andy Frank (vocals), Yank (vocals, harmonica), Bo Ellery (bass), Martin Hoyland (guitar), Tony Antoniou (guitar) and Harry Harrison (drums)
LP ? / CD

Pusherman were the biggest band I never got to see. Floored is so epic I struggle to find comparisons and give up. There is nothing like this. I brought īJactī as it was Andy Frankīs next vehicle and I like his voice, it is Ok but nothing like Floored. I like many of you still push this record to the uninitiated as there are many out there who are unaware. keep up the work, Lance

yup! they were shit roasting! i grew up with tony.too many bad drugs,(not enough mushrooms)that might have been the the differance between life and death? the grand in 94/5 with the verve, and irvine 96 (i got tony,s unlimited pass, up yours mike "baldwin" brown ")99 went to visit T in london and camped at south downs instead of going to glastonbury.(all the englishmen had forsook him by then )poor alex! he was in a bad way h&c breakfast,lunches,dinner and suppers. then the bust. i bumped into him when i was visiting my grandsons in 2005, it was heartbreaking, all that talent, reduced to looking for the next hit, it,s a sin ,owen you cunt i remember what you said about the 4 versions of the album! (i hope you are proud of your motivational skills .you arsehole.)some producer? this is so sad to remember . tony i know life as an orphan was crap, i truly hope you find peace . i love you man!

These folks were god like. Aye there was a huge amount of smack on the scene at the time. I engineered at the studios they rehearsed in. I have no idea what happened to them after the bubble blew. I know Yank died, and just after he got himself clean.... Me I had to bail from the scene, but my god, it was special.

Must have...

Who is Little Bear? You must have known Yank........

never seen them live as i got the album since 1999... but this seven years now there is no month without puttin it on once or twice (consider all the "new" stuff comin out). sad they broke up, but like the "soul, glitter and sin" by THEE HYPNOTICS (bought same time) i got this destructive heroine/drug feeling from the very beginning listening to it, not knowing anything about their bio`s then.

Effectively dreary stoner rock. Iīd put them in the same category as Old or Geezer Lake - or Robert Rothīs band Truly. Too bad Pusherman couldnīt follow up this album. The fact only one album exists makes it that much more of a masterpiece....

nice nice nice L.A., crack smack never comin back unless itīs with the tormentos

Pusherman could have easily trounced bands of today. The melodic hooks, live drum sounds, and the dual-guitar set-up gave them an incredibly full sound. Lyrics were primarily drug-influenced, which foreshadowed the eventual break-up of this should-have-been band. Vocals of A and Yank kept things quite British--in a good sense. Yanks harp playing was akin to George Harrisonīs slide guitar--in that both lacked a definite Blues influence, but each had its own venerable character. "Show Me Slowly" is the gem of their aptly titled disc, Floored. It starts with a solid, slow groove, and then sets you off with a guitar riff so good, itīs worth buying the CD, if only for this song alone. A+

Used to see Pusherman a lot when they toured in the northwest...back in the olden days when they were supporting the Verve and other similar (as then) unknown bands. Gotta be one of the most underrated bands of the mid-90s...such a shame that they never quite made it. What they lacked in fame, money and recognition, they certainly made up for in style, genorosity and good olī fashioned hardcore partying! To those who can remember what it felt like when the hairs stood up on the back of your neck as they opened with 'Chase It'....savour the feeling and good luck to the guys, wherever you may be now. xxx

28 April 2003....Tony Antoniou spotted begging for money for heroin in London. This band were well finished years ago

Well, the stoned poove is, at this moment, (22:57 on a Saturday night) listening to the albulm in question. My diet this evening has consisted mainly of alchohol and bongs. So, now that we understand each other, listen up. Pusherman were fucking brilliant? Pusherman are fucking brilliant! SP

pusherman were just one of the best live acts iīve ever seen. i like the album and still listen to it but itīs a pale two-dimensional shadow of that blast of pure blissful emotional energy that was them live (in brighton, twice). they never got the recognition they deserved and then they split. get back together, lads, wherever you are! (portsmouth?) long live south coast pyschedelia!