Flight of
Prospective Records
LP ? / CD

There are two 7 inch singles that were released on Susstones Records.... "Sheīs Tara" b/w "Psychedelic Kingbee" and "Alias Lovely" b/w "In The Corner of Your Room" with a different recording of the a-side track. Thereīs one 7 inch single that was released after the CD... "Billy The Monster" b/w "Black & White Days" featuring a demented cover of the Deviantsī song on the A- side! They were friends with Plasticland but never gigged with them. They did play a show with Fabulon Triptometer, though, and many with John Frankovicīs The Gothics.

The Romulans, to me, were the heirs-in-waiting to the harder rockin'psychedelic side of the mighty Plasticland; especially so on tracks like "Bug Love" and "Suspicious." Rather surprised no one has made this connection before...comes off like a long-lost Plasticland LP. Too bad they didnīt make another record. Our loss.

I think itīs complex, haunting, and enjoyable, with some cuts here and there being a little out there or just too noise related, then again, there are not many musicians who can create material as well as these guys can.

The songs are really simple and immediate...In fact, the band often find a catchy guitar riff and go on and on with it, missing anything can be considered a digression from the set path...

I donīt know...Well, you havenīt really captured it, 'cause they sound like no one else.

No Zepps no Yes are you deaf dude? Its just cyber-black sabbath-punk!!Anyway weird music........

THE ROMULANS ROCK! Truly psycho rockinī band.

Cool stuff!!!!

Canīt believe they're from US, they sound like the old psyche hardrockinī english band, donīt ya think so? But itīs pretty good 4 me.

This is one point, which is a big plus for The Romulans, they manage to induce their own note into this not really originality-oozing genre and donīt pay this with strange sounding compositions or a wild mixture of styles. Thatīs all what I wanted to say lol.

Led Zeppelin meets Yes! Pretty good songs, especially "Paisley Farm" and " The Doctor" (my faves)!

Jeez, itīs just one of the greatest records Iīve ever heard. Excellent stuff with many good melodies.

Heavy psychedelic rock, with a few nods to 60īs mod! If this is your thing you should love this cd if you can find it.